joi, 1 septembrie 2016

The best virtual tour creator software

If you want to know what is the best real estate software solution that can be found on the internet and purchased as a subscription plan (and the interesting thing is that this is not even expensive) I would say without any kind of hesitation that is the software that you would need and HAVE to try, as I am very sure that it will be able to meet all your criteria regarding features and also quality and of course, support.

What I really liked at the tour wizard was the great support that was offered from day 1, even to my trial account, which was an example regarding with how business should be done.

Then more than support - this software really has a lot of interesting features ffrom a marketing man point of view, but also from the point of view of a sales person.

As for the features:
 - you can make Premium quality virtual tours online in up to 15 min!
 - the Lead generation marketing tools that actually work!
 - World-class designs (really great)
 - Extraordinary technology, no special software required!
 - Vary user-friendly and intuitive platform
 - The controls work wonders! And they are very intuitive
 - Stunning presentations that increase your business visibility
 - Excellent client support (best in market)
 - There are absolutely no hidden fees!

So those are some of the reasons tahat made me choose Tour Wizard, but there might be more of them, waiting for you to discover.

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